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Please contact each individual practitioner for appointments and further information.


Nani Baran MA, LMHCA

Nani Baran
206.407.3256 | Email | Website

Nani is a psychotherapist who works with clients on a variety of issues with a particular focus on grief, loss and bereavement, end-of-life questions, trauma, transitions of all kinds, and personal congruence and authenticity.

Her approach to this work is multi-dimensional. First, she helps clients establish goals to focus on what might make their lives better, and then explores the thoughts, feelings and body knowledge that point to the sources of their distress. Then, together they begin the journey of healing and creating ways for clients to become resilient and resourceful and find the meaning they seek in their lives.

Nani holds an MA in Psychology from Seattle University and has attended numerous workshops and trainings including Focusing, Restorative Retelling, Internal Family Systems, and Family Constellations. She is fluent in ASL and welcomes LGBT clients and their families.


Peninsula Care Consultants
Peninsula Care Consultants
360.633.4366 | Email | Website

We are Certified Care Managers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Your Local Aging Life Care Professionals™ serving seniors and their families on the Kitsap Peninsula.  We provide comprehensive care management to elders throughout the aging journey to ensure our clients receive the right care at the right time to maintain the highest quality of life achievable for them based on their individual values, desires, and needs.  

We welcome the opportunity to provide personalized, attentive, and compassionate care management services to you or your aging loved one.

Our specific areas of focus include: Health Care - medical advocacy, patient navigation, attending appointments, decision making, and communicating with medical providers; Aging in Place - finding supportive in-home help, maintaining quality of life, accessing resources, increasing safety and security, housing transitions and relocations; and, Emotional Support - elder counseling, support for caregivers, developing family solutions, and navigating end of life care.

Peninsula Care Consultants are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality care management, with knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate, and personal service at affordable rates.

Contact Janis Medow, LICSW, C-ASWCM at (360) 633-4366 for a free 15-minute consultation.



Janis MedowJanis Medow
360.633.4366 | Email | Website

Janis Medow provides holistic counseling for aging adults, caregivers and families. With a strong background of over 35 years in mental health and medical social work, she has worked with individuals across the lifespan in community settings including agencies serving children, families and adults, hospitals and hospice. In her private practice at Satori Well Being Center, she offers clients support and guidance dealing with the challenges and opportunities of adult development in the second half of life. Areas of focus include life transitions, conscious (positive) aging, life review, living with illness, palliative care, grief and loss, and resiliency.

Janis listens deeply to client’s concerns.  She brings extensive experience in finding practical, realistic solutions to help people cope with and adjust to complex, difficult and painful situations.  She also holds space for introspection and reflection as individuals examine the timeline of their lives, identifying the circumstances, resources, losses, strengths and achievements that have influenced their path to selfhood.

Janis brings expertise and training in Jungian and depth psychology, human development, family systems, mindfulness and psycho-spirituality to her work. Whether you are struggling with issues as a caregiver, mourning losses associated with your own or a loved one’s health, or afraid of what lies ahead as your elderhood advances, Janis is available to assist and encourage you on your journey to find comfort, peace, healing and even gratitude and joy as the mystery and uncertainty of life unfolds.

Call 360-621-5028  for a free initial phone consultation. 



Toshiko Kondo
| Website

 Toshiko’s natural sincerity is reflected in her work and the attitude she brings to her work.  Cranio-sacral therapy is a subtle but powerful approach to core issues. The therapy works on multiple levels:  physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Ideally, we would all be balanced. Toshiko brings her love of aikido into all aspects of her life, thereby supporting the discovery of inner strength and wisdom. Her work assists clients who wish to connect inner and outer in their quest for health and improved quality of life.Cranio-sacral therapy can be helpful for those who cannot have other types of massage due to discomfort relating to pain or physical awkwardness.  Her touch is very gentle and the work is performed with the client fully clothed and draped with a sheet or blanket. Because cranio-sacral work is gentle, it can be beneficial for accident victims where movement or touch could aggravate pain.  Cranio-sacral work also relieves stress by unraveling the trauma.  It also supports the immune system. Toshiko is also trained in structural integration.  She has often seen excellent results by combining cranio-sacral work with structural integration.  The results tend to last longer and act at a deeper level.Toshiko listens with an open heart, is deeply respectful, and has an instinctive desire to protect all beings.





Jennifer Hall, Hypnotherapist, NLP & Energy Healing Poulsbo, WA USA 98370
Jennifer Hall

Hynotherapist, NLP, TPM, EFT & Energy Healing
360.969.0721 | Email

Jennifer helps provide you with tools to change your life to become a happier, healthier, more productive person. She helps put you on a new path to explore and transform your life working with proven methods such as Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TPM (Thought Pattern Management), EFT (Meridian Tapping) and Energy Healing. Whether you are seeking help with career, relationships or health related breakthroughs, Jennifer takes a client centered approach that is enhanced by a balance of practicality, sense of fun, imagination and a warm and genuine concern.

Jennifer's services also available Worldwide via
Skype Hypnotherapy, Energy Work







Toshiko Kondo LMP, Poulsbo, WA USA 98370 360.265.1794
Toshiko Kondo
| Website

Toshiko possesses a very warm and loving energy. She offers a relaxing and therapeutic combination of Swedish massage as well as Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release technique, Shiatsu and Reflexology.
Additonally Toshiko has completed 2 yrs.of intensive training in CranioSacral Therapy with Ursula Popp LAc., VCST.
This type of work is benefitial to overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual issues at a core level. It can help you in identifying your areas of trouble and it is extremely balancing in assisting you to connect with your own health and well being. CranioSacral Therapy is also good for those unable to receive massage due to health conditions. It is also recommended for accident and trauma victims as well as an effective stress reliever.
Toshiko is a graduate of the Port Townsend School of Massage.


Christine Tressel LMP, Poulsbo, WA USA 98370 360-779-6812
Christine Tressel
Call or Text 360.473.7336

Christine is a massage therapist who uses a responsive approach in her work, taking into account both the physical and emotional aspects of treatment. She believes in the body's ability to communicate on many levels and designs every massage based on the body's needs. Christine's touch is intuitive and she sees her work as collaboration based on mutual trust and respect. Every massage is unique, balanced and transformative. Direct, pleasant, and flexible, she brings competence and commitment to her work. Coming from a farming and art background, Christine brings her pursuit for a healthy lifestyle into her practice. Her therapeutic work focuses on assessment, treatment and a deeper knowledge of anatomy. Her training includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Massage, Strain Counterstrain and Myofascial Release. Integration of this broad spectrum of approaches allows your session to be both satisfying and effective, reaching energetic and physiological levels.Strain Counterstrain is not only an immediate release technique, but is also based on the body’s own signals, and is extremely gentle, following those signals for precise and therefore more complete healing. Including treatments for every major structure in the body, this allows Christine to make accurate assessments, locating the most important area of need. Course of treatment may be completed in one or two sessions or over a longer period as needed.
Fees are 60 minutes,/$70, 90min/$90, 5-hour package/$300.

Washington State Massage Practitioner MA60530843


Anahata Little

Anahata Little
| Website

Anahata is a true massage and manual therapy connoisseur expertly skilled in soft tissue rehabilitation and somatic emotional release. Her practice intentionally integrates modern scientific inquiry and evidence based medical therapies with the Wisdom Traditions of plant and sound vibration therapeutic healing rituals used by indigenous people for thousands of years. As a recovered pain patient and initiated medicine woman, Anahata acutely understands the affects of pain and stress in the body, how your body will recover with massage and manual therapy, and she understands the yearning of your heart and soul to heal, restore, and expand into wholeness.  Her work is truly unique, active, dynamic, and  long lasting.

Anahata treats pain and tissue damage from injuries of all types, post-surgical rehab, stress and strain injury from repetitive movement, motor vehicle and sporting injuries, pregnancy and pre-natal muscle tension, somato-emotional stress (your mind is stressed, your body is affected), spiritual emergence(cy) and relaxation therapy for overall health and wellness.  Anahata's approach for plantar fasciitis and foot pain is legendary.

Anahata is a healer, medicine woman, and teacher, gifted with acute spiritual mediumship–she is clairvoyant (sees/feels), clairaudient (hears), and clairsentient (communicates through taste, smell, sound and touch), enabling her to become a “hollow bone”  — a receiver, transducer, and transmitter of healing energy.  Stop suffering in pain. Breathe, move, heal. and awaken with Anahata's massage and manual therapy.






Emily Bell
Emily Bell

| Email

Emily of Peacefully Nourished is excited to partner with you as you consider how nutrition can support and revitalize your life. Emily’s approach utilizes intuitive and mindful eating principals as over the years she has found this to be the most successful and long term way to achieve your nutrition goals. Using up to date, scientific information Emily will empower you to make choices that are appropriate and will strengthen your body. She works to create an environment where you can improve your health, relationship with food, and your relationship with your body. As a mother of three young children, Emily understands how challenging eating healthy while managing a hectic schedule can be and specializes in working with pregnant/nursing mothers and families. She also has extensive experience working with eating disorders and partners with various other providers in the area to create a team approach. Emily does powerful work to help normalize eating habits and create peaceful nourishment for those she has the opportunity to work with. Emily received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Washington, her Masters of Science in Nutrition Education from California State University, Chico, and is a Certified Nutritionist in the State of Washington. She accepts most major insurance plans. Areas of expertise: Eating Disorders, weight management, child and family nutrition.





Please contact each individual practitioner for appointments and further information.

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